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Bedrijvencentra zijn een perfecte kantooroplossing voor zowel grote als kleine bedrijven die flexibiliteit en professionele service waarderen. Met MatchOffice krijgt u eenvoudig, snel en gratis toegang tot een scala aan zakencentra in heel België. We bieden een ruime keuze aan commercieel vastgoed te huur aan.

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Our MatchOffice team has many years’ experience in the business centers industry, so you can always rely on us to find a solution which suits you best. As soon as one of our landlords has a vacant office space to let, it is offered on our site. We, therefore, guarantee that you will get daily updates on office spaces to rent in all cities of the World.

If you are looking for a flexible alternative to conventional offices, renting a serviced office might be a good choice. No hassle over office fit-out and maintenance so you can fully focus on what is important — your business. Renting an office space in a business centre creates opportunities for networking and you can establish mutually beneficial business contacts with other entrepreneurs and companies.

At we will help you find a perfect office space solution which matches all your criteria.

Many good reasons to opt for serviced offices

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For both small and big companies, renting a fully serviced office is a great solution. Learn more about the many benefits it offers.

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Share fixed costs

The choice of an office is a big responsibility and rent money is often a decisive factor. From a financial perspective, renting office space in a business centre is a good alternative to traditional office solutions. In a business centre, many tenants work in one building and collectively use utilities and other conveniences. Therefore, these high fixed operating costs are equally shared by all occupants: office cleaning, conference and meeting rooms, broadband and other facilities.